Aman Oberoi | My First Year in Outreach

I arbitrarily applied for an interview with ACM AI outreach because I enjoy teaching concepts and I had recently been introduced to machine learning, and that decision has helped me grow a lot in my first year at college. Learning topics on my own and then discussing my doubts and ideas with likeminded people has been a very productive experience.

It was extremely satisfying to engage with the NHHS students in the talk on self-driving cars and learn how curious they were about different ML concepts and their ethics. In spite of all the different topics that I have learned from scratch, I naturally feel out of place in the AI community since I am a beginner to the field but tuning in to the You Belong In AI podcast series has made me realize that everyone feels uncomfortable when they first start off.

I am very excited for what the future has to hold for Outreach and Events. We have recently completed our first polished series of classes for Outreach and we are itching to teach them to our students! Events is also trying to recreate the demystifying event into a more beginner friendly and engaging version. I feel that both the subcommittees are on the right track to achieve their goals but the challenge we face as of now is that of adapting our events and sessions perfectly into a virtual setting.

Written on July 18, 2020 by Aman Oberoi