Peter Flanders | Why I am excited to be a part of AI - My First Quarter as an AI Outreach Officer

I enjoy being a part of ACM AI for many reasons. I am interested in the field we study, I like to teach others, and I believe in the mission of our club. I am uncertain about what I will pursue beyond college, but right now I have found a couple things I like. I enjoy studying math and machine learning and secondly I really enjoy teaching and I wish to continue following these interests. Additionally, I really like our group of volunteers and how we have a lot of freedom with our work. This way nobody is forced to throw together half effort projects and we are able to keep high standards.

I believe ACM AI has a lot of strengths which makes what we do very important. My reason for continuing in ACM AI is that we are in a privileged position to have a good education and we have the resources to share it with others. If I can share what I learn at UCLA to my community it makes the cost of an education go down and hopefully it increases the level of education for people. Additionally, by teaching a more diverse class of students we can increase the diversity of colleges and academic fields!

I am most excited to finally be able to teach real students the content we have developed over the past quarter. I know each of our members has put a lot of time into making our curriculum easily digestible for students and I am excited to see how that pans out. I have taught other, younger classes before and I have tutored high school and college students before, but this will be my first time teaching in a high school classroom- which has been a goal for me for awhile.

Written on July 18, 2020 by Peter Flanders